scottCampingParcset.com was founded by 32 year-old, Scott Jeffrey. He’s an absolute camping fanatic, and loves anything that has to do with camping, outdoors and pretty much, nature.

Scott has a boring corporate job in Los Angeles, but whenever he can, he takes his family to the mountains.

At CampingParcset you’ll find the best tips and tricks, resources, tools, and guides to take your camping adventure to the next level. Scott has been camping for over 20 years, and not only will he bring a lot of his own experience to CP, but he’ll also invite some camping experts to share their knowledge with the community.


We want to bring families closer together, by everything that our environment and nature have to offer.

We hope that you really enjoy and appreciate all the content that we’ll be sharing with you, and couldn’t be more excited to have you be part of our small community.